Programmers! Designers!

Hackers of Wares, Hard and Soft!

Nerds of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and genders!

Please join us for Fresno Hack Night!

What is it?

Fresno Hack Night is a monthly gathering for programmers, designers, hardware hackers, and other technically minded folks. It's an aggressively unstructured way to hack amongst peers, converse about the vagaries of this or that methodology of developmental arts, or simply to partake of delicious libations in delightful company.

There's no agenda, no presentations, no requirements, and hackers and the hacker-curious of all levels are welcome to attend. Just bring your laptop and your projects and build something awesome!

When and Where?

We gather on the 1st Friday of every month from 6pm-9pm. We are generously sponsored by Bitwise Mural District, a technology hub located at 2210 San Joaquin St. in downtown Fresno.

Hack Night Schedule

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It's my first time! What can I expect?

Naught but merriment, hacking, and chatter from your favorite kind of people, milling about between some desks. You should feel welcome to come, sit down, and hack quietly amongst peers, or just as welcome to come, sit down, and argue about type systems.

Kind Sponsors

Hope to see you there!

Code of Conduct

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